Cook Beef

“Cook BEEF!" is a new restaurant franchise set up by Wowprime, featuring "Steak Rice Bowl", a fusion of western beef steak and oriental rice, prepared by sous vide cooking, with a touch of creative presentation. The franchise provides a dining experience that is fashionable, creative, sophisticated, passionate, economic and high-quality.

To create a visual design of the brand image that is passionate and fashionable, we used calligraphy font for logotype design. With symbols such as exclamation mark, we have created dozens of word combinations in vibrant colors. Eventually, we combined calligraphy with delicately hand-drawn illustration to create a visual sense of street fashion. We hope to create a high-quality visual design of "Cook BEEF!" that creates a sense of freedom with delicacy and sophistication, and emphasizes the brand value of "Fashion, Creativity, and Sophistication".